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Your One-Stop Hub for Manufacturing, Mining & Waste Processing Excellence

Established in 2018 and led by Mr. Saiyyed Akhtar Ali and his sons, SMO Ferro Alloys is a prominent player in the Ferro Alloys industry. Committed to excellence, we manufacture a diverse range of high-quality products, including Ferro Silicon, Ferro Chrome, Silicon Manganese, and more. With a strong presence in manufacturing, mining, and waste processing, we embody innovation and sustainability, contributing significantly to the industrial landscape.

Professional & Qualified

In our workforce, women at SMO Ferro Alloys aren’t just contributors; they’re leaders. Making up 60% of our team, their dedication shapes our present and fuels a future where inclusivity and empowerment are the driving forces of excellence.

Our Vision

To be recognized as a global leader in manufacturing, mining, and processing, championing sustainability, innovation, and operational excellence to leave an enduring impact on the industrial landscape.

Our Mission

At SMO Ferro Alloys, our mission is to cultivate a lasting legacy by continuously providing invaluable services, product and groundbreaking solutions, and pursuing excellence beyond immediate goals.


Our efficient operations are the cornerstone of India's economic growth, enabling the successful execution of complex projects with unwavering commitment and precision.
OUR Infrastructure facility

Flagship Ferro Alloys Plant

Operational since 2018 in Meghnagar, Jhabua District (M.P.), our main plant shows our commitment to being excellent.We are also excited about our upcoming Ferro Alloys Expansion Project!

Oxygen Manufacturing Unit

Strategically located in Pithampur, our Oxygen Manufacturing Unit showcases our dedication to cutting-edge solutions.

Upcoming Facilities in Meghnagar

Coke Plat

Power Plant

Pig Iron Plant

Demonstrating our forward-thinking approach, these upcoming facilities further enhance our industrial capabilities.

Diverse Portfolio

We do more than just metals; we care about the environment too

Granite Mines in Rajasthan

Waste Processing Unit in Durgapur, West Bengal

OUR Core Value

Our Commitment to Excellence
and Sustainability

Safety 01

Provide an environment In which our employees can do their work efficiently and effectively.

Integrity 02

Ethical business practices, fostering trust, respect, and honesty in all relationships

Timely Delivery 03

Ensure to complete the project and deliver the product within the timeline every time so that we save onoperational and labour cost for clients.

Employee Well-being 04

Focusing on our people as our greatest asset, we provide opportunities and support for their full potential, fostering personal responsibility along the way

Waste Management 05

We are focusing on doing work on 0% Wastage policy
OUR History

Our Story defined as a journey
of passion, perservance and innovation

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The Commencement

SMO Ferro Alloys embarked on its journey in 2018, marking the initiation of a venture that would redefine the ferroalloys industry. During this year, the company secured a significant milestone by leasing a ferroalloys plant for a period of five years from SR Ferro Alloys.
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Mining Ventures

In the year 2020, SMO actively participated in an auction of mines conducted by the Rajasthan Government. This strategic move resulted in the acquisition of a sprawling 4.59-hectare area rich in Granite, Feldspar, and Quartz, expanding the company's portfolio into the realm of mining.
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Industrial Expansion

With an eye on industrial expansion, SMO acquired a prime piece of land at Plot No. 89, Smart Industrial Park, Natrip, Pithampur, encompassing an area of 10027 square meters. This acquisition paved the way for the establishment of an Oxygen Plant, positioning SMO at the forefront of industrial innovation.
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Rare Metal Processing

In 2022, SMO made strategic strides by forming subsidiaries dedicated to setting up a Rare Metal Processing Plant in Bhilwara, Rajasthan. This ambitious venture marked the company's commitment to diversification and innovation within the metal processing sector.
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Plant Acquisition and Expansion

The year 2023 witnessed a significant milestone for SMO Ferro Alloys as it successfully acquired the Ferro Alloys Plant initially leased in 2018. This acquisition was accompanied by a substantial expansion of furnace capacity, increasing from 7 MVA to 9 MVA. This development underscored SMO's dedication to growth and operational excellence.
“ With a vision that began in 1992, I, Sayyad Akhtar Ali, laid the foundation of our journey. From humble subcontractors to leaders in construction, mining, and now ferro alloys, our legacy is built on commitment, excellence, and a relentless pursuit of growth “

Mr. Sayyad Akhtar Ali

“As a Director at SMO Ferro Alloys, I bring a youthful energy and innovative spirit to our ventures. With a background in civil engineering, I'm dedicated to steering the company to new heights through advanced technology and sustainable practices. “

Mr. Saiyyed Owais Ali

“Guided by a commitment to diversification, I, Murtuza Ali, contribute to our group's dynamic growth. As the youngest director, my focus is on exploring new business markets and ensuring the legacy of our family business continues to evolve and thrive. “

Mr. Murtuza Ali


Low Carbon Ferro Manganese

Pig Iron

Ferro Silicon

Ferro Chrome

Medium Carbon Ferro Manganese

Met Coke

Silicon Manganese