Mr. Saiyyed Akhtar Ali


I am Mr. Saiyyad Akhtar Ali, the proud founder of SMO Ferro Alloys Private Limited. Our journey began with humble roots, where determination and hard work fueled our journey from being a subcontractor to establishing a renowned construction firm.

In 2018, we embarked on a mission to carve a niche in the ferro alloys industry. With determination and hard work, we established ourselves as a pioneering force in this sector. Alongside my mother, we ventured into various sectors, earning accolades like the Class A PWD Contractor title.

Our commitment to innovation led us to diversify into ferro alloys production, manganese oxide, and other industry materials under the umbrella of the SMO Ferro Alloys Industry. In 2020, we took a significant step towards sustainability by establishing our own waste slag processing unit.

Today, SMO Group stands as a beacon of progress in the industry, driven by our unwavering vision and dedication.

Warm regards,
Mr. Saiyyad Akhtar Ali