SMO Ferro Alloys Ventures into Base Metal Mining

SMO Ferro Alloys Private Limited, a stalwart in the mining and beneficiation sector, has recently secured several Base metal and Associated Mineralization Composite Licenses through forward e-auctions conducted by the Directorate of Mines and Geology Regulatory (DMGR). These licenses mark a significant expansion of our operations, allowing us to explore and potentially exploit mineral resources across various blocks.

Venturing into New Territories:

  • Bhabhriya ka Kheda Block: Located near village Bhabhriya ka Kheda in Chittorgarh district, this block spans an area of 970.00 hectares. Our plans include executing G-2 level exploration activities utilizing innovative technologies and advanced methods to target potential basemetal and associated mineralization in the composite license area.

  • Khakhliya Khera Block: Situated near village Khakhliya Khera in Rajasmand district, this block covers an area of 642.45 hectares. Through systematic exploration, we aim to identify and assess the mineral potential of this region, leveraging cutting-edge exploration methodologies.

  • Ladana Block: Positioned near village Ladana in Udaipur district, this block encompasses an area of 300.00 hectares. Our exploration endeavors will focus on uncovering basemetal and associated mineralization, contributing to our understanding of the geological landscape.

  • Pipliyan Block: Located near village Pipliyan in Udaipur district, this block spans an area of 1150 hectares. With a commitment to excellence, we intend to conduct G-2 level exploration activities, employing world-class methodologies to delineate potential mineral resources.

Unraveling Geological Mysteries:

Our exploration strategy entails a phased approach, beginning with legacy data studies, interpretation, and geological mapping. Subsequent phases will involve geophysical and geochemical exploration, followed by drilling activities to substantiate our findings. The culmination of these efforts will lead to resource reporting, including 3D geological models and reserves & resource estimations

Embracing Innovation:

SMO Ferro Alloys remains at the forefront of technological innovation in the mining sector. Our adoption of advanced exploration techniques underscores our commitment to maximizing the potential of each block while adhering to stringent environmental standards.

Join Us on the Journey:

As we embark on this new chapter of exploration, we invite you to follow our progress and witness firsthand the transformative impact of our endeavors. Stay tuned for updates as we uncover the untapped mineral riches within these base metal blocks.

Incorporating News Video Link:

With a rich legacy of excellence and a vision for the future, SMO Ferro Alloys is poised to redefine the base metal mining landscape. Our unwavering commitment to responsible mining practices and technological innovation ensures that we not only unlock mineral potential but also contribute to sustainable development and economic growth. Join us as we embark on this journey of discovery and transformation.